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At QUANTUM we specialize in helping homeowners optimize their windows and doors to be more energy-efficient. Windows are great in our homes, because while they provide natural sunlight they also keep heated or cooled air in. However, windows and doors can also have a negative impact on our homes as if they are not properly installed or up to date, they can cause air leakage. Making sure you have the most energy efficient windows or doors installed and that they are correctly caulked and weatherstripped will be best for you and your family.

If your windows are not energy-efficient you can be letting hot or cold air escape depending on what kind of climate you are living in.

Unwanted cold or hot air can cause a major discomfort in your home. Installing energy efficient windows and doors will reduce your energy costs as they eventually will pay for themselves through lower heating and cooling costs, and even sometimes lighting costs. High performance windows will provide you with reduced annual heating and cooling bills while also reducing the peak heating and cooling loads. The peak load for a building is the total maximum requirement for heating or cooling at one time. These loads will determine the size of the furnace, heat pump, air conditioner, and fans that will need to be installed.
In recent years windows have undergone an overhaul with lower E-coatings that reject solar heat without darkening the glass. This significantly reduces solar heat gain and improves comfort while providing clear views to be seen and daylight to stream in. Technologically advanced windows can also be filled with Argon gas for a better thermal barrier or a multi-layer solar reflective coating. The multi-layer solar reflective coating protects against solar heat gain on hot days and the Argon gas provides a thermal barrier and heat retention coating that keeps warmth from escaping on cold days.
It’s important to have energy efficient windows and doors installed that protect and insulate your home. Instead of paying more each month on your energy bill, contact us to get a quote for energy efficient windows and doors installed for your home.


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