Electrical Troubleshooting

Here at Energy Renovation Center, we specialize in helping others troubleshoot their electrical issues.
There are many different parts in your system that allow it to run properly. Like with most things in life, you will experience issues with it. If you system is not producing properly, you can troubleshoot it to determine the cause of the issue.
There are different ways that you can do this. First, you can do a shading test. This requires full exposure to light. If you have noticed that the light production is not as high as normal, it means that the system performing poorly. You can also check the wiring yourself. Many times the wiring has a connection problem. If you look at the diagram, you may be able to find where something has gone wrong and quickly fix it.

Next, you can check for heat fade. This is when the heat of the sun has caused the solar panel system to overheat. This would result in not receiving the regular amount of production you desire.

Finally, you can replace the brunt terminals. Batteries can burn out without any warning. You will need to replace them. This also can be caused by wiring too many panels in one terminal. While replacing the batteries, you will also want to check for that.


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