Artificial Grass in Riverside, San Bernardino & Surrounding Southern CA Areas

Here at Energy Renovation Center, we specialize in helping our customers get artificial grass for their home or business.
If you are like many people and love saving money, artificial grass is the perfect solution. This will reduce your monthly bills dramatically. In most cases, homeowners are also eligible for both water rebates and power rebates which will save you even more money.
The grass is laced with PV cells that turn any yard that may be high maintenance for you into a care-free option that is also environmentally friendly. The artificial grass comes in long strips which are placed on the roofs of houses and are quite subtle. Each blade of grass has two different sides of material. One of them is nanowires, and the other is coated with indium tin oxide. When these two materials connect, an electrical charge is created. The process is called the triboelectric effect and will create the amount of energy needed to power a home.

The grass can actually begin to melt when it is around 200 degrees fahrenheit. When you are installing the grass, make sure that you take a note of which direction your windows are facing. If they are facing west or south, consider installing a solar screen or protective window film.


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